We as drivers must ensure that we choose the correct ‘class of use’ when we are purchasing car insurance to avoid invalidating our cover. But what does ‘class of use’ actually mean? Well, the class of use refers to what you use your car for, whether that be commuting to and from work, visiting friends, or business related driving. When you take out your insurance policy you will be asked what class of use you want for your vehicle. Typically, there are three different classes to choose from which all have different allowances and tolerances and it is vital you pick a suitable class to avoid invalidating your cover!

While you may think classes aren’t of much importance but they actually play a vital role in the cost of your insurance policy as well as the likelihood of a pay-out if you are in the unfortunate position of making a claim!

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These classes of use are just a simple description of the way in which you use your car, and is generally split into personal us, commuting, and business usage. These classes are set up by insurance companies to help measure the risks of each individual driver, for example if you use your car for commuting, especially in peak times you will be of a higher risk of an accident so will be charged slightly more!

To help you make a more informed decision on the class that’s right for you, we have laid out each class for you!


Social, Domestic and Pleasure (SDP)

SDP policies refer to where you use your car for everyday social driving, such as visiting friends, going shopping or the school run.


This class covers everything an SDP does but also adds and includes your journey to and from work.

It usually just covers your place of work so it is worth checking if you are still covered to drop your partner off at work too.

It also typically, only one place of work is covered so if you travel to a number of places for work you may well need the next level of cover.

Personal Business use (SDPC+business use)

This covers everything the first two classes do but also includes business-related driving.

This will include travelling to one or more location for business purposes. You can also include your spouse or a named driver if they also use the car for business purposes.

Some insurance providers will ask for more details so they can assess how much driving you’ll be doing. From that, they can work out the risk and your business car insurance premium.

Be aware though that this class of cover doesn’t include making business deliveries of any kind.


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